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Click here to read how I am increaseing my bone density, naturally.  (a word-doc)
I have changed a few things sinse the paper attached to this link was posted.   For the Calcium-Magnesium-Zink caplets, I have swapped the following items: powdered Coral Calcium, Glucosamine-Controitin from Bio-Alternatives, along with Magnesium pills from a local store, as of 2008.   You don't want magnesium in powdered for; magnesium tastes terrible.  Click here to read more.
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Supplements Chart from page 119 of  The Calcium Factor
Chart on What Nutrients Work Together With Other Nutrients
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The Calcium Factor - It is usually about $10 to $15, but I saw it for $0.75 at by eBay
Books :
Nutritional Supplement Sources:
Bio-Alternatives: Get powdered suplements from this site.  Learn about things like Oil of Oregano, health benefits, powdered Coral Calcium, etc.
Reach For Life, aka TRC: great place to buy colloidal minerals & Enzyme Plus
Dorothy's Herbally Yours: A good place to buy vitamins
Frontier Natural Products Co-op A good sourse for bulk herbs.
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Ever'man Co-op, on Garden Street, in Pensacola Florida
This page changes as I keep learning and changing.  Updated on 10-27-09
We Love all the Chronicles of Narnia! We read them all outloud.
Interested in home-made veggie-fruit juice; click
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Make Your Own Liquid Herbal Extract, Including Bay Leaf Extract
Bromelain is a substance derived from the stems of pineapples. It contains enzymes that digest protein (proteases), and it is also a natural blood thinner and anti-inflammatory agent. Bromelain is used in supplement form for a variety of conditions.  Bomelain also helps to repair injured muscles.  Click here to read more.
God's Key to Health and Happiness, by Elmer A Josephson
Portrait from age 61
at left and right:
my virtual makeover, done recently at: Click here to do a virtual makeover for yourself.

I took the above picture with me to the beauty shop and aske for a similar hair-cut.

Self Portrait at 62
at left and right:
This is my new hair-cut; my natural hair.  I did digitally add lip-stick, changed the background and tank-top color and removed the blemishes, in Photo-Shop.
This is the only way I can afford to fix my teeth for now.
Bay-Leaves - Not Just For Flavor - Tea Or Extract - Medicinal Uses
More Info on Bay-Leaves
Bay-Leaf Forums
Remedies, How Stuff Works
Ant Remedy
Mountain Rose Herbs
Before, with no makeup